Brands Are Targeting Social Media And Here Is Why

Just went back in time and review the history of communication we used before. When comparing our old traditional way of communication, we would realize that we definitely have come a long way. In this modern era, people are leaping into the social media world by using the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and many more, to get information about the current happenings of the world. Consequently, Social Media communication has turned out to become a norm and more powerful than before.

The Rise of the Social Medias:

Social Media for Business

Due to the rapid changes in technology, the traditional media like newspapers, televisions and films are all losing their popularity among people, as they just provide information to the public. Simply presenting information is not enough for today’s public. The people are expecting something that they can able to select what they want to read and also to contribute their opinions. This drastic shift is nothing but the social media revolution.

Social media has promptly integrated into our daily lives, both personally and professionally, and completely changed the nature of interactions. It has a greater impact on the world of marketing, with brands and consumers, and offers an enormous amount of benefits and changes. Generally, consumers believe their friends and the people they relate to. They connect with them through social media to share and exchange ideas and information about brands. This is the main reason why the social media sites are continually growing.

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Social media facilitates consumers and brands to connect in different ways that were never possible before. It allows individuals to form friendships and advertise themselves. Hence, the Internet users have started spending their time with social media websites when compared to any other sites.

Recently, the research has been done on the consumers, who have connected with a brand on social networks, to know why they get connected with a brand. The report said, 73% of consumers connected to get discounts and offers and 20% of consumers connected to get general information, make complaints and give feedback. The report also said that, 33% of consumers connected to know about new products and trends in the first instance, 44% want to give support to the brand they like and 26% want to have a voice with the brand.

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Social media provides opportunities to get more customers and connect with them for your business. The main reason that makes a consumer to connect with brands on social media is the first-to-know concept i.e. the consumer can able to know the information about new products first. Another reason is that the consumer can get trusted information about products from known people connected via social media. Therefore, the adoption of social media by consumers to market their brands is rapidly spreading in this corporate world.