What happened in 2015? – The Enlightenment of Web Market

2015 has been a excellent year for the tech and digital industry. Now, we have come to an end of the year and its time for us to recall and highlight the things happened in this beautiful tech year. The role of mobile apps and websites has turned up the way we look at our daily activities. Say it an online shopping or hiring a cab, everything you need comes handy using your smartphones. Yes! A Smartphone has become a companion of everyone. Below listed are few significant happenings of 2015.


Web Design and Development:

Web designing and development have always been at its hype since the evolution of the internet. Website or web apps is always a part of every growing business and also, for every business spread worldwide. 2015 is also another page in the success book of web designing industry. Here is why we say so.


  1. Card design won hearts:
    As the impact of changing users i.e. the user started moving to the mobile experience, the websites were forced to match perfectly the size variants of the Smartphone and tablets. This impact resulted in a new and a comfortable design called as the card design that got a box-office hit in 2015. Some example of the winning card designs are Pinterest, Newsfeed, Coca-Cola, etc.
  2. Material design made perfection:
    Material design in a language that focuses on more visual output and it was invented by none other than the search giant ‘Google’. It spokesperson said, “The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” Material design concentrated more on bold intentional graphics and also on the meaningful motion. This concept was a huge hit, and its principles are still improving day-after-day. Some classic examples of a material design are Gmail Inbox, Calculator, Phone Contacts, etc.
  3. Menus went hidden:
    As a result of responsiveness, websites were pushed to become more compact to match every mobile device. The website and even web apps deployed the concept hiding their menu until any interaction is made with the button dedicated to expand the menu. Target’s Awesome Shop, Guardian, Spotify, etc. are some example website that uses the hidden menu concept.
  4. Fonts and color shades replayed everything:
    At the start of 2015, Dan Barker – KC marketing agency executive – said, “You see them on some blogs and publisher sites, and they work well on mobile, but they have yet to resurge on eCommerce sites.” Many websites started using big and variety of fonts along with different shades of the same color used throughout the website.


  1. React became famous:
    The React framework is not new to 2015, but it has won many hearts of premium developers as it promised the best feature to code a website. The unidirectional data flows, and virtual DOM-diffing is the proof of its hit.
  2. Microservices played well:
    Microservice architecture is far better and most easy when compared with the monolithic architecture. The microservice architecture allows to split down the whole project into small applications with API-driven and modular components.
  3. Go got attention:
    Go programming got the expected hype in 2015 as many programmers fell in love with it. Go programming language is far better and simpler than C language and can be a better alternative for PHP when something goes on the wrong note.
  4. PHP is still there:
    PHP has never been out of the race in any manner. It is ranked among the trusted language among the web developer spread around the world web. Many rumors were stating that PHP is in the leap of its death, and it might not survive in 2015. But, PHP proved that it is one of the best and will still be the best among web developers.

2015 has been a wonderful year for the web designing and development industry. What about 2016? It has also started promising with few upcoming and developing trends. To know more about web designing in 2016, read back our article about the future of web designing: How is it going to be in 2016?