What are the most popular Magento Ecommerce Plugins?

Magento eCommerce is an open source web application used mainly for eCommerce websites. Users prefer Magento for their websites because Magento eCommerce platforms provide flexibility, scalability and features for their online business growth.

As Magento provides feature-rich eCommerce platforms, it provides merchants with a complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content as well as functionality of their online channel. Hence, around 2,00,000 merchants are reported to be using the Magento platform now. Also, there are more than 5000 plugins available to extend the merchants’ eCommerce experience.

Some of the most popular Magento eCommerce plugins are as follows:

Canonical URLs for Magento: It is a free module for Magento that not only allows you to add ”rel” canonical URL to the head of your website pages, but also enables you to manually set custom canonical links for products or services.

Yoast MetaRobots: This plugin allows you to easily add the appropriate meta tags to your web pages, disable unused archives, and nofollows unnecessary links.
Remerce CMS Meta Robots: This module adds the option to set the Robots Meta for CMS web pages.

MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting: This plugin helps you to measure the rate of return of email campaigns that you have created. It aggregates the information and displays the information in your campaign report.

Auto CrossSell Products: By using this plugin, you can automate your product cross-sell maintenance. Suppose, if a customer checks out, all the products that are chosen are linked as cross-sell products.

Lazzymonks Twitter: This plugin displays Twitter updates on the menu. It also allows updates from within the admin panel, whereas the number of updates is also adjustable.

Product Gallery Importer: This plugin enables you to import more than one product images from a CSV file.

Lazzymonks Google Ads: If unnecessary ads need to be blocked for better viewing, then the Lazzymonks Google Ads is the right plugin to use. Using this plugin, you can able to add the Google Ads blocker.

Auctionmaid Matrxrate: Suppose, if your operations are global, then it would be useful to add the plugin “Auctionmaid Matrxrate”. This plugin enhances shipping fee details specifically for international shipping.

Category admin product tab: edit product link: Another useful plugin is the Category admin product tab. This plugin helps you to add a product edit link in the category tab.

Change Attribute Set: This plugin gives you the ability to change or modify products attributes after your product registration is done.

Fontis WYSISYG: This is a Magento plugin that ensures that the features or descriptions of your product match the product received, i.e., ads what you see is what exactly you get feature in the product description.

Mass Product Relater: This is a useful plugin for registering connected products and to up-sell and cross-sell products.

Fooman Google Analytics Plus: This plugin is useful for tracking every individual page as well as the details about the keywords typed by the users.

Advanced Sitemap: This plugin helps in listing the products in the current store.

Post Affiliate Pro Connector: This Magento eCommerce plugin helps in managing the click and sale affiliate details automatically. It also helps in tracking them by using either PHP API or JavaScript.

IW PayPal Standard Currencies: This plugin lets you choose the currencies supported by PayPal, and also directly adds them to your shops admin panel.

J2T Points & Rewards: This plugin is useful for customers to gather points on products they purchased. Subsequently, these points can be used for discounts on their other purchases.

Fontis SecurePay: This plugin is primarily a payment module, mainly used for processing of payments through SecureXML gateway.

Checkout Newsletter: This plugin helps you to send newsletters to registered customers about your latest promotional offers, sales, products, etc.

Events Calendar: This Magento plugin is used to display your events on your website.

Exploded Menu: This plugin helps in replacing the standard menu with a multi-column drop down menu system.

Magento EasyLightbox: This plugin is used for displaying the images of your products as a lightbox.

Teaserbox: This Magento plugin shows the teasers of your products if they are available.

Magento EasyTabs: This Magento plugin adds extra information tabs on your product page in your website.

MostViewed module: This plugin automatically generates a list that shows the most viewed products in your website, and also displays the list at the homepage in the customer area.