Web Designing Trends – What we will see more and less in 2017?


Trends are always tended to change as it is mandatory in all creative fields. They are said to be the driving factor of every innovative industry since it helps in the improvement of the field’s impact. One such environment is the web industry. It is a unique field that always changes and updates to match the ongoing and future demands of the users. Being top in the creative field, the web designing industry is handling loads of data and information that are unique to businesses.

Considering the last few years (say a couple of years), the web design industry has seen many innovations and improvements also with the deployment of new technologies and ideas. All the main browsers started supporting HTML5 and CSS3, faster JavaScript engines, etc. which is surely a Win-Win for the web design innovations. Recent years made the web design companies and the web designers think differently and make their approach clear on how to plan and create a website that sells even at the first look. Here is an approach that most of the companies follow in recent times:

  • Always build a mobile-friendly website that looks fine on all browsers and devices.
  • Design a clean and clear user interface that helps the users to navigate without any hassle.
  • Make content to sound great with the design.
  • Optimize the loading time of the page.
  • Work on to satisfy the customer and make them realize the impression of trust and quality.

Current hot topics in web design industry:

The following are the most considered hot topics of the current generation of the web development business:

  • Parallax design
  • Flat design
  • Mobile-first design
  • Stock photography and illustration
  • Card and grid UIs

Many of the available websites share common traits like layouts, navigation, etc. as the designers have their opinion which matched with the other mostly. So, what 2017 is going to bring us? Does it has any surprise or still the same? What will still hold its position? What will vanish from the priority? Here is what the web design experts and the best web designing companies predict the future going and how the industry is going to move with them. The list is made as what we will see more and what we will see less.

Which design trends we will see most in 2017?


According to Damian Thomas, Managing Director of Thomas Design said, “The one truth about web design is that it exists in a constant state of evolution.” The industry is recently seeing some strong and innovative trend leading the way, and the center of it lies on the user experience. The usability and the accessibility are the main players in deciding the trends and here are some trends that the experts think will rule the whole of 2017:

Illustration will lead from up front:

People are better visual beings, and the trends are those which appeal the best to the human eyes along with the other senses. Then, the illustration will be the first. Here by illustration we mean, images, typography, videos, etc. Users are bored of the stock images as they see the same image on many websites. So, as far as 2017 is concerned, hero image will rock the entire industry in 2017 according to Damian. Brands are now concentrating more on brand curated images and images that solely belongs to the brand and not as the normal stock images.

Not only the images but typography will also play a huge role in attracting users. Brands will concentrate more on creating a brand illustrated design which uses typography in different levels. Typography is sure to get a huge rise in 2017. Next, comes the videos. In the second half of 2016, many would have come across few websites using videos either in the background or the foreground. The rise in the usage states that 2017 is going to give us some spin with nice background videos and motion graphics.

Storytelling will be used for interactive user experience:

Nick Butler, the Founder of Ireland website Design, said, “We’re predicting a move towards inspirational, interactive web storytelling that focuses on rich, unique user experiences.” Storytelling is something 2016 saw and 2017 is sure to use it to its full core as many brands started this approach to attract potential customers. This design approach is likely to help customers find what they want from the website without getting bored.

Split screen might get a little more audience:

For the last couple of years, Split screen layout design was considered as it gave equal importance both the elements of the website. Experts predict that 2017 will see a drastic adoption in the split screen layout allowing the users to quickly choose between the screens. This layout allows the brands to give equal importance to its services with dual appearance. This design concept works when companies need to convey dual information of equal importance.

Mobile-first design approach will reach heights:

In the past, web designers focused more on or approached for a desktop visual first and the mobile visual. This approach is never going to work for the future as the number of mobile phones users are increasing day by day and 80% of the web searches are happening on mobile. This is the reason why designers are targeting more on mobile-first design approach, and it is sure going to become a trend in 2017, according to Lucy Jones, a Designer at Verve. She added, “This concept isn’t entirely new, but with responsive design becoming more and more relevant as a result of changes to Google’s Algorithm and stats suggesting mobile dominance, it seems to be a natural progression to alter this process.”

Not only these, but there are also many trends that are sure to be a hit in 2017.

Which design trends we will see less in 2017?

Nowadays, people are fed up with what they see on the web especially the images as they are mostly the stock images. Since images are crucial, the web designers or the web design companies needs to find an alternate source to find images. According to web experts, here are some of the current trends that are likely to drop in 2017:

  • Carousals are likely to lose properties.
  • Splash pages are liable to vanish as they are bad for SEO.
  • Parallax design are likely to go down but not fully.
  • Pop-ups will reduce its phase.
  • Non-responsive website will never be in the vision.

Web design industry is booming with new opportunities and trends and is most likely to reach a hotspot. Share us your thoughts on what you consider to be a trend in 2017.