Top reasons why Bootstrap is the best compared with other front-end frameworks

Mobile is everything, and it is constantly evolving to make the future more focused on improving the overall performance. Nearly 17% of the smartphone users in the United States use their mobile phones to surf the internet. When it comes to the user interface, it is mandatory that the websites have to adapt to the varying screen size of the mobile devices. There are options like mobile websites or mobile applications, but they are little tricky or harder to maintain. This is the main reason why responsive website design (RWD) became the only option and is cost efficient and consistent.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a design approach used for creating a website that automatically adjusts or adapts to the devices of various screen sizes. This method is already at its peak and in the current design strategy, it is said to be mandatory as more and more people are searching for information on the internet using their mobile devices. Following are the best practices of responsive web design:

  • Fluid Grids: It a process of arranging or organizing the content that lacks fixed width. These grids help to structure the content in the predictable and pleasing manner by adjusting the size and positioning it properly.
  • Flexible Images: Images will be placed on a grid and will be given a max-width CSS rule of 100%. The images size will be no longer than the grid’s size.
  • Media Queries: This CSS3 module which controls how the styles are applied to the media attribute. The styles include the screen height, width, and orientation.

Responsive website design process is mostly carried out with the help of frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, and many other. Even though there are many advanced and efficient frameworks available for front-end development, Bootstrap remains the favorite choice of best responsive web design companies and top freelancers as it has been promising since the release. Frameworks are not so mandatory to design a responsive website but they have many benefits and here are some ways that frameworks can help:

  • Avoid repetitive action
  • Utilize the responsive design concepts
  • Add consistent to the projects
  • Create consistency between developers
  • Prototype designs in no time

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What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is one of the most modern front-end development framework used by most of the top web developers in the world. Designed by a designer and developer from Twitter, it was initially identified as the Twitter Blueprint and later made into an open source framework. Bootstrap is mobile first front-end framework developed along with technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Bootstrap is stripped down into three major files

  • bootstrap.css
  • bootstrap.js
  • glyphicons (font icons)

Bootstrap needs jQuery which is the popularly and widely used JavaScript library used for simplifying and adding cross-browser compatibility to the JavaScript.


Why Bootstrap?

The bootstrap framework has the primary advantage of having a large number of accessible resources. Here are the most popular reasons why to choose Bootstrap over other frameworks.

  1. Easy to use:
    Bootstrap is rated as the easy and user-friendly framework by the top responsive web design companies. It is said to be very adaptable and can be used with CSS or LESS or SASS.
  2. Faster than any other framework:
    The major advantage of Bootstrap is the speed in which development happens. Instead of coding from scratch, Bootstrap allows using the available ready-made code blocks which can be blended with CSS-LESS functionality and cross-browser compatibility to reduce hours of work.
  3. Highly responsive:
    As said earlier, mobile device market is continually increasing, and it has become mandatory to have responsive websites. When it comes to responsive design, grid layout plays a significant role and creating a mobile-friendly website is easy and smooth with the help of Bootstrap. It has ready-made classes which help to recognize the number of spots in the grid system. Using Bootstrap, responsive designs are made easy.
  4. Consistent and Well-deserved support:
    Since Bootstrap is used by many web developers around the world, the support community is huge and all your problems will be sorted in no time. Bootstrap is continuously updated and made sure the framework is bug-free.
  5. Simple integration and pre-styled components:
    Bootstrap can easily be integrated with other platforms and frameworks. Integration can be done on new sites and even on existing sites without any hassle. Bootstrap has pre-styled components that can be used for alerts, drop down, nav bars, etc. It is feature rich and can be used to develop any responsive websites.

Bootstrap is a sleek, powerful and intuitive framework used for designing responsive websites in fast and easy manner. Unleash the features of Bootstrap to build a creative and full-functional responsive websites.