The drawbacks of web hosting and things you need to have a look at

The important thing that every business owner and online entrepreneurs are bothered about is the “WEB HOSTING”. Understanding the demand for online business, hosting companies have started to provide its customers with two different options either paid hosting or free hosting. This is further classified into shared and dedicated. And there are indeed advantages and disadvantages to the hosting services.

In this post let us discuss the drawbacks of web hosting and how to overcome them. This can help you in the long run and to stay awake to the myths of web hosting.

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Hosting services are the most important aspect of online services. There are chances where these services face shortcomings but that doesn’t mean they are completely worthless. We are going to discuss those drawbacks and the ways to prevent them. Before we proceed let’s see what web hosting actually is.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is where you showcase your business on the internet that your audience, customers, and even your competitors could see it. Web hosting services get your website files stored on high powered computers that are connected to a very fast network. When someone types your web address on their search tab, the internet retrieves your web information from the web servers in which it is stored and transfers the information to the finder.

Now let us have a look at the drawbacks along with some of the important things that we need to notice while availing a service from the web hosting provider.

Drawbacks on choosing a free-web hosting service:

Security issues:

This issue is something which is related to the shared hosting. If you have your website on a shared hosting, then you will be sharing your hosting space and resources with other websites. These shared servers are likely to be attacked by hackers. No matter where the server is attacked, it attacks all the websites that are connected to the shared server.

Even there is a malicious attack on any part of the server then there is definitely an attack on all the website on that server. So it is something like, a group of people sailing on the same boat. If someone is going to dig a hole then everyone in the boat is going to be drowned. Let us also share a few other security threats that every web hosting faces.

Poor password security:

Passwords are the biggest gateway to your website’s information. It is important to secure your website at both ends. Changing website passwords could periodically prevent from regular threats that your website face.
Have a look at the following website security threat. The website is already infected due to poor password security and a warning message is raised stating, “using the following website any further could affect your computer”.


Poor password security


This is why it is important to periodically change passwords at both the ends which is the server side and on the admin-panel. Neglecting the threats could affect your business further.

Disclosing IP address:

Shared hosting is something worth for a low-cost budget but sharing your IP address with other clients can put you under risk. Private domains are linked to one another through a single server. In case, if your IP is tracked to be a spammer your website will be fired. Find the following image that pops a warning message stating that the current IP is used by some other device.

Disclosing IP address

So when you are using a shared server make sure that you are free of threats. Also contact your web hosting provider every now and then to verify the status of your website.

Software restrictions:

If your website is hosted on a shared server then you need to abide by the restrictions of the server. You will not be able to install any software of your choice. No matter whether it is an OS or any other software, you are limited to certain restrictions. It is the shared hosting that decides over software packages that can be used.

If you are at the start level, shared hosting is one good place to kick start your website. On the other hand, it is good for small websites that have only limited traffic. You may face circumstances in future where you will be forced to engage most resources of the shared server. This avoids you from suffering slow page loading time.

You will be ignored by the search engine:

Nothing can turn worse when you have an awesome website with a wow content and still not visible on the web. Google does not encourage websites on free hosting. Google obviously prefers paid web hosting over free web hosting.

Lack of performance:

There are limitations for every account on a server. If you are going to cross your limits, say for if you have crossed your bandwidth then it means you are stealing the resources from the other accounts. So, if there are multiple websites, when they face a lot of web traffic you will suffer lack of traffic.

Have you noticed web hosts that share most of their resources at very cheap plans and rates? This is something like sharing your CPU, RAM and drive. Just imagine how your site’s performance gets affected when your hosting is a shared one.

Now let us have a look at a few important things to notice on web hosting,


The most important thing that one should consider while moving into a web host is the bandwidth. So what is a bandwidth? Bandwidth is the space that you are provided to upload and download content in a given period of time.

For example, consider you have a monthly bandwidth of 10 MB and you have used 1 MB data to upload your website. On the other hand, your visitors who visit your website need to download the web pages. So, around 9 people could visit your website per month. When you are done with it, you will either be charged to proceed any further or you will be charged a price for every 1MB that you use.

So when you are using web hosting you need to have a look at the bandwidth and the usage plans. Unlike few hosting providers, some may provide you with “unlimited” bandwidth. So make sure that you choose the one that everyone will be able to access it.

Email accounts:

Many hosting providers give away email accounts for domains. You need to know how many email accounts are applicable for the hosting that you have purchased. Also, make sure whether they have a webmail interface. Will it be convenient to connect with Google Apps? Will it be possible to get your mail in your client of choice through IMAP or do they offer POP?
These are certain things that you need to notice when you are purchasing a web hosting and planning to host your website on it.

Easy installation:

A few hosting do not support popular frameworks and blogging platforms and that is why it is recommended to ensure that the hosting server provides one-step installation process. This includes WordPress and any other CMS web platform. In case, if the web hosting provider is not good enough to provide you such services, it is better you skip the service.

Tech support:

The most important and precious one that you could ever expect from the hosting provider is the tech support. You need to check whether your hosting provider is within your reach. In case of any issues, you can call them immediately for their support or to get the problem resolved by them.

Also, find what kind of support they provide. Either a phone? a ticket system? or a messenger? You can even find at what times you could reach them so that at any cause you have a friendly support from your hosting provider.

Site backup:

Site backup is something essential that could save you from critical situations. Ensure that your host provider gives you this option in case of any data loss that may occur accidentally. If your host provider is able to provide such support then it is good to go with those hosting providers. In case if they are not going to provide you any such services, find the possible ways that how you could process them by yourself.

Wrap up:

Getting your site live and getting them associated with your server is one biggest task. Above that, you need to be very smart in choosing the best hosting provider for a reputed service. If you are not going to bother it, you are going to suffer when your website is not performing well. And there are other main issues stated above that really bother your performance. Make sure to avoid them rather than regret.