Symfony Vs Laravel – Which framework overtakes the other?

It is common for people to get lost in deciding which framework to go with, the Symfony or the Laravel. But, before we do anything let’s go ahead and look at what these frameworks are basically. Symfony and Laravel are both free PHP frameworks, launched under MIT license; Symfony on Oct ’05 and Laravel on Jun ’11.

The framework is a library making the development process of an application so much easier for the developers. It works by taking away some of the complexity away from writing painstaking codes for repeated contents over and over again. So, how does these different frameworks compare between themselves?

Symfony has a much steeper learning curve while Laravel is pretty easy to pick up and get going with. So, people looking to for a quick way to get into developing generally opt to choose in the direction of Laravel. But, Symfony is proving to be the standards of this industry at the moment.

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Symfony is harder to learn and to master, because it forces you to “learn” how to properly code. Unlike Laravel, which doesn’t require as much skills and coding knowledge when compared, Symfony makes you a good programmer.

And like anything that is tough to master, developers who have good experience in Symfony do stand a better chance at finding better jobs, as businesses prefer them and there are fewer developers with expertise in Symfony when compared to Laravel. This ensures that there will always be a demand for Symfony developers; now and a long way into the future.

And hence is preferred by high profile companies for their websites, as they know it will be available to them anytime. It takes more time to develop as well as to make amendments to, however the features and customizability it offers over Laravel is so much greater.

Why Symfony?

  • Market Standard
  • Improves Programming Skills
  • Future Proof

As a Symfony developer you can be assured that you will grow your skills and become better developers. This stands true to Laravel as well, but, not to the extent of Symfony. Also, because it is built on top of its components, a developer with good knowledge with the Symfony framework will be able to pick up and work with any development projects across Drupal, EZPublish, etc.


Laravel framework was developed to make working with codes an easier and much more fun thing to do. But, there are out-right issues with it that keep people from totally jumping into it and not think of any other options. However, this hasn’t stopped it from becoming the “to go for” framework for many. It’s got a easier learning curve, making developers who are pretty new to using frameworks feel professional using them.

The codes written are clean and consistent, with a structure that’s organized and easy to follow. Every file is designated into a folder and piled up under sub-folders to keep a flowing structure in a way set by Laravel.

Why Laravel?

  • Fast Development Time
  • Easy to Learn
  • Growing Popularity

This doesn’t mean that it is not suffering form its own set of flaws, Laravel doesn’t have any “real” auto-load feature, making it a pain to use when you are changing your codes, as you will have to run the composer auto-load update every time you do the changes. And being a framework that’s established itself for it speedy approach and quick delivery, this speed-break is not something that is appreciated amongst the community. To know more about Laravel PHP Web development framework.


Finally, the choice is up to the developers themselves. If one wants to get an application built rapidly and do not want to dwell into the core of coding, then Laravel is for you. However, if one wants to take the time to develop a specialized application, with all details and in-depth customization then Symfony is for you. So, choose the one that gives you more fun!