Some Functions of the WordPress Platform You Most Likely Don’t Know

Most of the people all around the world use WordPress, which is the most popular open source and blogging system. WordPress becomes more popular among people because of its enormous features and functionalities, great flexibility and a wide community of website designers and developers.

Even though WordPress system itself is pretty basic, if you install applications, templates and plug-ins, WordPress will become an impressive and also an effective tool that helps you to convert your business website into a leading online resource.

Apart from basic features and functions, WordPress also has so many other functions. However, many people have a lack of knowledge about those functions. So, let us discuss some of the functions of the WordPress platform that most people have not heard of:

  • Forum
  • Private Coaching
  • Help Desk
  • Article Directory
  • E-commerce Shop


It is obvious that WordPress is one of the best and leading platforms used for blogging. However, by using WordPress, you can develop user-generated content or UGC driven websites of your own.

In order to handle UGC, some programs are there developed specially for this purpose. Because of this reason, a large number of users are using WordPress in recent days. The major reason why most of the people using WordPress is to build an effective website that has most attractive interface and an elegant web design.

Private Coaching:

Generally, online instructors can able to offer group training by making use of WordPress. WordPress helps individuals like internet marketing gurus, digital photographers or web designers who always think about sharing their knowledge with others.

Help Desk:

Only few individuals know that they can able to utilize WordPress as a help desk as well. By using WordPress, you can able to build an effective ticket system and enable customers to contact you easily for support or complex problems.

Therefore, WordPress system is the best solution for many web designers, mobile application developers, hosting companies, stores and training academies and many others. As WordPress has many scripts and plug-ins, you can install WordPress and create an effective and successful customer relationship management system also.

Moreover, businesses can able to set up a knowledge base that consists of more than hundred frequently asked questions, allowing users to realize more about their general problems and resolve most of the problems without starting support tickets.

Some applications are also there that transfer a support ticket to a knowledge base article at a simple mouse click.

Article Directory:

Suppose, if you are planning to set up your content or article directory at low-costs, then you need to select WordPress for developing the content directory. Article Directory is a free program that enables you to create an article directory swiftly with any difficulty. By using this program, you can able to create article directory as huge as you require.

E-commerce Shop:

WordPress provides you various extensions that enable you to integrate high-tech storefronts into your WordPress website. If you use this method, then you don’t require learning about a new software program to sell all your products or services.

So many advantages are there in this option. But, the best one is nothing but the plug-ins in WordPress because if you want to buy plug-ins, then you need to spend only the one-time nominal fees without requiring any additional recurring expenses.

When you use WordPress, you can able to check out a very few potential users. In case, if you have a WordPress website or a blog, then you can use any of these functions and make your website effective and user-friendly. Also, by doing this, you can able to increase your website visitors, profits and turnover.