Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of Android Application Development

Today everybody is hovering in the world of Android! Every person in this world has an Android phone in hands. Evidently, we could say that android is the software of this modern age. Every tech-savvy people across the globe are giving first preference to Android powered devices for their personal and official use.

Android consists of a wide variety of features and applications; it has become trendier among its users. Moreover, the superior quality of wireless networks and the irrepressible sophistication in the development of mobile devices are also the major reasons for the stipulation of the android application development.

To satisfy the needs of customers, almost all mobile application development companies have adopted the new technologies for the android development.

Let us see some other reasons that make android application development more popular.

Open-Source Platform: As Android is an open source platform, the developers can able to get more chances of developing new and inventive android applications. Also, the platform is more affordable for the developers who build the applications and for the customers who use the applications.

Developer-friendly: Android provides a Software development kit (SDK), which consists of uncomplicated tools for developers to develop their projects easily.The SDK offers an ease of developing Android applications and hence helps developers to transform their ideas into Android applications. Thus, it provides a great experience for developers when they develop android applications.

Ample opportunities: Due to this invariable growth and popularity of Android applications, the developers in various IT organizations get more opportunities to get associated with android.

Ample options for tools: Android proffers sundry options for developers to use various tools for the development process. If developers need some extra tools for their development process, the android allows them to exploit third-party tools effectively.

Popularity of Android Apps: Nowadays, people are moving towards the android because of the increasing popularity of Smartphones. Hence, the developers have started concentrating more on the android application development. When compared to other operating systems, the Android-based smartphones are more user-friendly and constructive.

Various security options: The major reason for the popularity of Android is that the security options obtainable by Android applications for Smartphones. The “Orbot” application on Android allows users to perform instant messaging, access internet and access emails without being scrutinized and blocked by the provider of mobile internet services.

Vast availability: Unlike the iPhone and Blackberry, Android phones proffer varied availability options to other companies who develop mobile applications. Because of this reason, different variety of Android devices have drastically increased in recent times.

Better Performance: As android is supposed to be a Linux-based operating system, it provides smooth operation and advanced performance stability without having the panic of crashes.

Supports flash: The newest android version gives great support to flash. Therefore, the Android users get the similar experience of using desktops on their mobile phones.  By using Android phones, people enjoy playing graphic games and other entertainment stuffs.

Saves Money: As android is an open source platform, it allows developers to develop applications at very low-cost. Also, the time that is taken during the development process is considerably reduced in android. Therefore, Android helps developers to save both time and money.

Application Store:  The android application store facilitates users to analysis, exploit and download a large variety of android applications. Almost all applications are freely available for users whereas some carries price tags. According to the survey, around 7 lakhs applications are at present available in the Android application store and estimated over 25 billion applications have been downloaded.

The above all points are the major reasons for the increasing popularity of android application development.