Never Changing Web Development Services Will Throw You To Trash

“First impression is the best impression”. As a web designing company, it is very hard to stay on the top list of the best web design and development company. Every company want to get into the limelight but stay where they are and sometimes fails to remain in the industry. For every industry, the clients are the heart and soul of the company as they are the ones that give the business that you can do. Satisfying them is the top most priority especially it is the work of every web development company. An unhappy client is like having a third person in the name of a close friend.


So, what and why?

To err is human but to continuously to err is not acceptable and will not look beautiful especially in the web development company. Many web development company offer the same kind of services regularly to all the clients they have. And they never update the practices they follow to develop a website and web applications. Web development services following the same methods are sure to dump you into the trash as the world is expecting a lot better when the day passes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that most of the never changing web development company make that might knock you down in the web market.

  • PDF Culture – Many websites still follows the practice of inserting PDF files in the middle of the website of they have a particular link for the users to download. This practice hates the user’s flow, and they hate it altogether.
  • Just Text All Over – Users love interaction, but text all on the website are sure to irritate them. The website is not a textbook where you just have text. Many service companies still follow the vomit-text culture.
  • 12pt Fonts – The most common practice that most of the amateur web design companies follow is that using one common font size all over the website.
  • No Design Conventions – One of the main design principles is the consistency throughout the website. Jakob’s Law of the Web User Experience says that “users spend most of their time on other websites.”
  • Open in Different Windows – Opening a link in the new browser window is a tradition technique that many companies still follow. Users get irritated when their screen is filled with many windows.

There are also many other old practices like not answering to user questions which many companies follow to the core. These old-school styles are sure to throw away you into the trash.

Then, how to stay safe?

Web design industry has evolved over time where it is now in a phase that the user concentrates more on the user experience and the interface involved in the experience. Finding the right service company to match your needs is a tricky task that requires more concentration. The following are few question that you need to get confirmed while choosing the right company for your needs.

  1. Is the company a established one? What is the experience of the enterprise?

    The establishment and the number of years of experience prove the work of the company and the quality of service they offer. The success ratio is so important to know before finalizing the business for your project.

  2. Can they handle everything?

    Having a company that handles everything i.e. maintaining the complete website right from the development to deployment is cool. Check for tasks like graphic design, content writing, hosting server, customer support, etc.

  3. Do they follow updated practices?

    The user wants more professional website that is rich in the interface and enough to experience. Before choosing a company, you need to check for the practices they follow, and you need to monitor whether the practices they use might suit your audience. Do a deep study.

  • Parallax Scrolling – Displaying the information in the single page has become a trend which user find it very convincing and interactive.
  • Mobile Friendliness – Google is very strict in penalizing non-mobile-friendly websites. Increase in the mobile users created a huge impact on websites creation. Mobile friendly website are sure to win hearts of users.
  • Updated CSS – The website with neat and clean style is what users prefer. Using updated CSS 5 is a best practice for creating websites.

Always stay on the safer side by doing a complete research before choosing a web development service for your project. We always love to hear from you. Give us your thoughts to improve.