Moodle – An ideal Learning Management System for Online Educational Institutes and Other Institutes

Today, technology is changing our lives on a daily basis. Obviously, the things that we considered impossible a years back are actually being made possible with the help of technology.

In earlier days, we had to be present at school to learn and gain knowledge. If you miss a school day, then you will not get back the missed syllabus. But, this has completely changed due to technology.

Using latest technologies, you can able to study from whichever corner of the world you are in. Nowadays, you have so many Learning Management Systems that brought education closer to you whether they are for business or just for education purposes.


Moodle is a Learning Management System that helps educators to create effective online learning websites and internet-based courses. It is open source software, which is also known as a course Management System (CMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Moodle consists of several features that are considered typical of an e-learning platform. It can be used in various types of environments such as education, training and development, and business settings.

The typical features of Moodle are as follows:

  • Discussion Forum
  • Assignment submission
  • Moodle instant messages
  • Files download
  • Online calendar
  • Online news and announcement
  • Online quiz
  • Wiki

However, using Moodle, developers can create plug-ins for specific new functionality. The different types of plug-ins that are supported by Moodle’s infrastructure are

  • Activities
  • Resource types
  • Question types
  • Data field types
  • Graphical themes
  • Authentication methods
  • Enrollment methods
  • Content filters

Moodle customization

Moodle customization enables developers all across the world to build custom online course management system for their customers based on their requirements at affordable prices.

Hence, a large number of organizations and educational institutions have already started using this effective Learning Management System. This e-learning software solution is widely used by a huge number of primary and high schools, educational institutes, universities, government institutes, private classes, coaching classes, companies, educators and many more.

Moodle is an effective e-learning software solution for beginners who want to begin their training institutes or coaching classes and provide their students best training using modern technology. Also, it becomes beneficial for organizations to provide their employees with business related training in a contemporary way.

Moodle has a great community support of developers all across the globe. Its support team members and other freelance contributors provide a great contribution in the advancement of this development framework.

Hence, the developers get the benefit of all new features and latest versions of Moodle absolutely free. They can implement all the available features and customize e-learning system for their customers based on their requirements.

Moodle CMS Integration

Moodle CMS integration allows developers to integrate other CMS with it. By using its modular design, the developers can able to create modules and additional features. Also, the developers can use the customizing features and design highly interactive, robust and scalable Learning Management System.

If you are planning to establish your own online coaching class, then Moodle is an ideal Learning Management system. To get a professional e-learning system, hire an experienced developer, who can provide comprehensive services, such as Moodle Customization, Plug-in Development, Custom Themes Installation, CMS Integration, Database Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, User Management, Layout, Custom Designs, Template Designs, Migration, Testing, Maintenance, and Support.

Moodle is a successful and valuable Learning Management System that gives global reorganization to your online business quickly and profitably.