Take your mobile application concept to market with the Sencha Touch

The world is immersed in a new era called as the mobilegeddon where everything is depending on a mobile device and related applications. The demand for innovative and useful mobile applications are rapidly increasing making the mobile application savvies more focused on building the application that meets the requirement of every user. Mobile application development frameworks are growing in number as they are helping the developer to achieve what they wanted to develop.


Reading this article will help you know about

  • Sencha Touch, a cross-platform mobile application development framework
  • Advantages of using Sencha Touch compared with other frameworks
  • How to get started with Sencha Touch?

Sencha Touch – Redefine the way you develop apps:

Mobile application development is equally important as that of the HTML5 based website or web application development. What happens when web development coordinates with the mobile apps development? The possibilities are becoming wider with the help of cross-platform app development frameworks. Creating a native mobile app is not that easy as it needs an in-depth knowledge of languages like Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. Sencha Touch is a mobile application development framework used to develop cross-platform mobile apps with intuitive User Interface (UI).

Sencha Touch was designed to help web developers create a cross-platform mobile application using the HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge they have. It is similar to Ext JS JavaScript framework which is a developer-friendly framework. Sencha Touch is said to be the only framework that offers optimal solutions to the developers to create fast and impressive mobile applications that work on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and more. It comes with lots of creative and useful components that work efficiently on all types of mobile applications.

Why is Sencha Touch said to be the best?

Many enterprise companies have started preferring Ext JS over Angular as it started promising many advancements and user-friendly components. As a developer if you are looking for developing a cross-platform mobile application, then Sencha Touch will be your perfect bet and here are some of the major reason to justify using Sencha Touch over other frameworks.

1. Customizable User Interface (UI):
User-friendly UI will be a major factor when it comes to designing and developing a creative and useful mobile applications. An innovative and fully-functional user interface makes the users use the applications again and again. With lots of widgets and easy-to-use APIs, Sencha Touch offers loads of customization options to help the developers to craft an intuitive mobile application.

2. Components:
Ext JS has one of the largest components libraries when compares with any other framework present today. With a single code base, the Sencha Touch components offer solutions to the developers to create an application that fits on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The components are used to build mobile applications that have the native look and feel.

3. Speed and Flexibility:
Users don’t care about on what platform the application is developed or what type of coding is user to develop the mobile app. All they need is an application that works at great speed without any hassle and also an app that is responsive on devices of various sizes. Sencha Touch uses the hardware acceleration to improve the performance of the developed application. Another major advantage of using Sencha Touch to develop an app is that it is flexible not only during the use but also during the development as it can be broken into elements like logic, interface and data management.

4. Data Management and Security:
Sencha Touch offers an efficient performance by splitting the data management into smaller packages like writer, reader, proxy, and store. Data security is a vital factor when it comes to mobile applications as most of the users store their personal and professional information on their mobile. Sencha Touch offers high-grade security to all the applications developed.

5. Infinite Scrolling Grid:
Sencha Touch has an unusual feature that most of the other framework doesn’t have, the infinite scrolling grid. It allows the developers to group various attributes for easy retrieval.

The advantages of using Sencha Touch is never limited to the above mentioned and has many features that are not available in other frameworks.

Get started with Sencha Touch:

Getting started with Sencha Touch is toned down into the following simple steps.

  • Download the Sencha Touch framework from their official website.
  • Extract the contents into the root folder of the development server
  • Using a WebKit browser like Chrome or Safari, open the example and start developing your first mobile application using Sencha Touch.

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