Mobile Applications are Renovating the face of Technology and the Modern World

In this expanding technology boom, the wireless networks are leading us in every aspect of life. Just envisage the way mobile devices manage our lives and how they do. Nearly 72% of the people around the world own a smartphone in which nearly 90% use it for finding necessary information. The convergence of the wireless industries has made the situation where people are expecting a lot out of their mobile phones. So, mobile applications have become more popular as their usage is increasing predominantly across mobile phone users.

Mobile App Trends in Modern World

What is an Mobile Application

A mobile application or mobile app is application software developed to run on handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, personal digital assistants and enterprise digital assistants. Mobile apps are downloaded from different application distribution platforms to target devices such as Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and iPhone. Sometimes, mobile apps can be downloaded to desktop computers or laptops. Both free apps and apps with a price are available in the app store.

Mobile apps are generally provided for information retrieval and general productivity, including email, weather information, contacts, etc. The explosion in the number of mobile apps led to the creation of a large number of review and content curation sources such as magazines, online app-discovery services and blogs.

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The Need for Mobile App Development

Do you think mobile apps best fits only for branded companies? Well, then you should understand that you need to be one among them. Yes, mobile apps are a part of business development. Do you think how? Then let me answer you with some of the key points on the need for mobile applications.

Reach Your Customers At All Time:

Android applications have turned out to be something that engages people to an extent these days. People have become so crazy about applications and especially 70% of them are android app users.

You could take this chance to get your business into their hands. It is very simple to get it done. Find the mobile app development service provider or specifically an android app development company and get your business a new look. This could grab your customer’s attention.

Develop a Marketing Channel:

Apps not only provide general services but they are even capable of gathering information. The biggest benefit of using an application is,”It provides the information that your customers require”. Get your customers notified even on the simplest updates of your company. This makes them more comfortable with the services you provide.

Build Your Brand:

As it is told earlier, mobile apps could pay much better to the services you provide. You get a special notice from your customers. In spite of the competitive group around you, you get your special attention through the mobile application.

This is how biggest brands make it up with their success stories. Don’t you wish to take part? Then seek the best service from an app development agency for better results in your business.

Major Mobile Applications:

The mobile apps are available for various platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, J2ME, Palm web OS and many more.

iPhone or iPad apps: The demand for iPhone and iPad applications is rapidly increasing and creates the necessities for businesses to think beyond personal computers. Around half a million iPhone applications are available in the apple app store and the estimated number of apps downloaded from apple app store was 20 billion.

Android apps: Android Market, also called as Google Play, is an international online store developed by Google mainly for Android devices. There were around 700,000 apps are available for Android devices and 25 billion apps downloaded from the Google Play so far.

Windows apps: Microsoft provides Windows Phone Store for users to download apps for their Windows Phone. There are more than 2 million apps available in the Windows Phone Store as per the record in October 2016.

Blackberry apps: The BlackBerry App World application distribution service provides a multitude of apps for the Blackberry mobile devices. When compared to Apple app store and Android market, the BlackBerry App store is the only store getting more revenue per app. The BlackBerry App World is reporting that there are 3 million downloads per day and the overall downloads are around one billion.

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As mobile application users want more fascinating things in their mobile phones, the demand for the innovative applications is extremely growing. The booming usage of mobile apps offers terrific opportunities for mobile application developers and it also supports businesses to grow. In short, we could say that we are in a year of mobility and hence the necessity of mobile phones and the mobile apps that advance mobile accessibility is tremendously increased.

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