K2B Solutions help web designing companies to build their recurring revenue

K2B Solutions strongly believes that a company’s strength is completely lies in the strength of its relationships!

As a web designing company, you may receive requests from your customers for web development, web design and web-based software development services, from time to time. Suppose, if the project given by your customer is outside your company’s core competence or exceeding your budget, then you can’t tell your customer that the services are outside your limits. In this situation, you may require a web development outsourcing partnership.

Outsourcing helps you to increase the efficiency of productions and thus increases profitability. It facilitates you to just coordinate with the client and the development team and earn profit, without requiring any hardware, software, human resources or development infrastructure. Thus, outsourcing plays a major role in controlling the expenses of your business in the dynamic global ever-expanding market.

With a long-term outsourcing partnership, you can enter into new market segments, expand your services, and satisfy your existing customers by providing them a wider continuum of services.

K2B Solutions is a web design and development company, understands the requirements of our partners to expand rapidly to gain competitive advantages. We have highly skilled professionals, who are expertise in both Internet and mobile technology, helps you to achieve your business objectives in terms of quality, timeline and budget.

We deliver diverse solutions and services that efficiently deal with the objective and the business challenges of partner companies, help them to achieve the recurring revenue.

K2B Solutions make sure that the collaboration that you make assists in imaging your thoughts or ideas, which allow you to build a long-term relationship with your customers, result in generating sales, profit or increased revenue as the outcomes.

K2B Solutions offers a domain level expertise, which helps you to grab the attention of potential customers and make them business with you with the greatest impression. We assist you to achieve your plans, application functionality, marketing agenda and pricing limits, by providing you preeminent web solutions for your online business.

How K2B Solutions helps web designing companies to build recurring revenues?

  • Bringing your application data to the marketplace
  • Creating embeddable e-widgets for your client’s web solutions
  • Selling absolute business solutions to customers
  • Performing customization work for specific customers’ needs
  • Offering web development services such as business analysis, system analysis and object oriented designing, etc. on demand
  • Improving your market competitiveness
  • Providing comprehensive technical assistance

K2B Solutions develop projects that have recurring revenue model and so our partners get a good share of the recurring revenue. Our web based software products have rich features and provide cost-effective solutions in the market. We provide back-end support to our partners by accessing best practices in your industry. We offer you the strategic solutions that help you grow your online business. We also provide a highly skilled web designers and developers to deliver you a great value of money.

As we provide our partners with a great assistance on all technical and non-technical aspects, our partners will have very less expenses on human resources, office infrastructure, software and hardware. This helps them to reduce their production costs and thus build the recurring revenue every year. Our proficient background support always helps our partners leverage new revenue streams in the competitive market.