Is your health the most important thing for you? Then, you should have some these apps in your Smartphone

Health Apps

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is disease.” ~ V.L. Allinear –

Almost everyone takes a New Year resolution every year. Some would say that they would start doing yoga, quit cigarette and alcohol, and some would rather go to an extent and say that they would practice something. But, one common resolution that most of the people take is that they would follow a strict diet and also they would stick on to some regular exercise.

Many lack in following their resolution of practising healthy diet and regular exercise. This is because of their busy schedule and also the lack of proper gym trainer and dietician. It often happens to most of the people out there. This is when some apps come handy to take care of their regular diet and exercise. Almost every single task has an app to guide the process. In recent times, healthcare apps are getting hype as a result of people thinking of being stable and healthy. We would like to help you choose some important and useful apps to keep you going in the phase of maintaining a good and stable health.

Explained below are the top healthcare apps for iOS that helps you take care of your fitness.


7 Minute Workout

7 min App

Running is not only the exercise and there are lot more to make you stay healthy. If you want to practice the whole set of workouts, then 7 Minute Workout will be a right choice for you. This app has everything from tricep dips to planks and much more. Not only these but also provides instructional videos to allow you to do the exercises in the proper and perfect way.

7 Minutes Mobile App for iOS

7 Minutes Mobile App for Android

UP by Jawbone

Jawbone’s latest app, UP is designed for the Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker. You can even use UP individually on your iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This app can be used to track your sleep, steps and even your food intake. Thanks to the Apple’s M7 and M8 co-processors. It displays all your metrics in line graphics or graph format with bold colors.

UP by Jawbone Mobile App for iOS

UP by Jawbone Mobile App for Android


Carrot Fit

Carrot-Fit-AppWe call Carrot Fit as your electronic personal trainer. It stands balanced in between the two extreme ends (electronic trainer and physical fitness instructor) of fitness. Carrot Fit will prompt with you an exercise and will count down your progress same as that of what 7 Minute Workout does. Unlike 7 Minutes Workout, Carrot fit animates the exercises to make you understand the correct way of doing the exercise.

Smart Gears taking up their heads has made a revolution in the field of health and fitness and that too with the electronics impact. Android has always been a base for many Smartphone users and launch of Android gears has made the user come little closer. Here are some of the best healthcare apps for Android that is sure to make you feel fit and healthy.

Carrot Fit Mobile App for iOS



Moves App

There are many fitness logging devices like standalone pedometers and Fitbit force that helps you track your movements. But if you have a Smartphone, then you don’t have to worry about buying a new/separate device as your Smartphone has everything. Moves runs in the background i.e., it is always on and keeps track of everything you do. It records daily activities, and you can view them at any time of the day.

Moves Mobile App for iOS

Moves Mobile App for Android


MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

myfitness-palWorried of how to keep track of your calories? Want to get healthier in no time? Then, the best way for you to deal with is that you need to have MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter on your Android Smartphone. It has a huge database of foods and their calorie limit, and also you can add the food that is not in the database. This app keeps track of you calories and even your daily activities like exercise etc.

There are also many other applications available in App Store and Play Store using which you can play around. Keep your health stable and fit live a happy life.

MyFitnessPal Mobile App for iOS

MyFitnessPal Mobile App for Android