Is There More Negativity In Tech Reviews Of Google Keep?

Google keep is one among the most recent services provided by Google. This application is having some opinions circulating against it, not only by ordinary people but also by professionals of technology reviews. Why this has happened? Before we confer the reason, let us discuss something about Google Keep.

Google Keep is a free application launched especially for Chrome users. It helps the Chrome users to align all their notes at one location. Now, this app is available for users of Android 4.0 and also its higher version. But, it is also expected to get in Google Drive after they are through with it.

What does Google Keep do? Look wise, Google Keep is not a proficient material but with smartphones and for standard storage of data, it has the facility to store and clip.

What are all the interpretations of Google Keep? This is a very recent after Google affirmed to pull plug on their service of RSS feed gathering – Reader. This service was free and prominent and also a limited use service among the users.

Hence, a large number of professionals in the tech community even now feel infuriated because of the stoppage of RSS feed gathering – Reader service. As Google has stopped this famous service suddenly, it has become the first point of discussion about this rather than discussing the gainful services provided by Google.

What must be the countermeasure against this service stoppage? Anxiety is the very first reaction. Then coming to the labor point of view, the stoppage of this service led the labors to sort out and relocate all data available in the app.

Is the service worth this problem? Most people by their preliminary experience answer in negative.

Then what is the idea of Google’s next move? Google is planning to get huge data for their core business of streaming modified advertisements to viewers. Most people do not completely trust this as the solitary purpose of the application. Moreover, this is really very hard to believe.

At present, the governing application in this segment is Evernote. This application generally provides great user experience. However, when compared with Evernote, Google Keep has increased the entire user base more than Evernote. Both the applications have an outstanding progress in a short duration of time.

Because of this the consumer literacy has been most likely increased. Google Keep is well-designed, elegant and simple to use however the application is not instinctive.  It is anticipated that this will take some more time for that.

Why Google did launch this application urgently? Whether it has some clandestine motives? Are data the main concern? When is the abundant data have been collected and then they will fling it away?

It is still early to give answers to all these questions about Google Keep. As the application is still in the infancy stage, it will take some more time to recognize consumers and their requirements and consciousness. Before knowing all these things, we need to hold on our opinions.