How to make Social Media a Marketing Ground for your Mobile Apps?

You have had a great success with the development of your mobile app. You have worked along with your app development partners and have created the most wonderful and useful app. Now you are wondering, what’s the next step towards getting your – soon to be “Hit” – app to its intended customers? Without thinking further, you would know that app promotions and advertisements are your best bets in reaching far and wide. However, how would you go about doing it? Most developers will suggest you that, “in-app advertisements” should be good enough.

Is that enough, though? Remember, it is all about creating demands, the more you let people know about your app and the various uses it offer, the more you create that needed demand. So, would you want to stick with “in-app ads” alone? You probably should think “No”. If so, then what else can you do?

That’s where social media marketing come into play. They are mostly free resources that help you reach potential audience over wider range. Thus, without having to spend a small fortune, you can start promoting your apps to audiences, otherwise not so easily accessible.

Here are few things that you can do in order to make that push through social media and amplify your mobile apps promotion.

  • Temptation with Content

To bring more visibility towards your app, it is important that you create great quality content that details your app’s various uses and functions. Thus, keeping your potential audience engaged with the practical usage of your app. Creating the need that will drive them to want your app.

The more creative you are with your promotional contents, the more likely that you can capture your intended customers. An attractive to engage with your audience is to create videos of your app’s uses in real situations. This is a straight and effective way to get people to understand your product. The more they familiarize with the app, the more they will want to try it out for themselves. To create this want, is our goal here.

Making these videos funny could add to the excitement and help you push your app without trying too hard. This could be the right calling card depending upon the function of you app, however this usually works for most apps. Also keeping the content simple and allowing the viewers to imaging its implications will guaranty more downloads than otherwise. While at the same time, the more sharable and the more likable your video is, the greater its chance of doing well by itself.

Also, linking your videos to other highly viewed videos – that in some remote way is related with what your app has got to offer or to videos that would peak the viewer’s interest on the features offered by your app – will amplify your app’s popularity meter tremendously.

Having videos of someone influential using your app on the context of explaining something else is also a great way to promote your product. As people watching the video will consider your app to be highly credible, owing to it being not the primary objective of the video itself. This will spread passive popularity and frankly all the more popularity we can get, the better, isn’t it?

  • Social Networking

Apart from video marketing with YouTube, you can use other social networking sites too, to make your desire impact on the mobile apps market. The social media sites mentioned here, practically have the entire online world following them in one form or another. How much of an impact will it have on your app’s recognition, is only left to your imagination if you could make one solid presence on any of these networking sites.


Literally has millions of users using it every day. With this kind of customer potential, a perfect Facebook channel for your app – can have no alternative in terms of your social media marketing. However, getting this amount of recognition requires dedication and planning.

Once your channel is created, you will start off with practically zero credibility and followers. But, that’s how a beginning usually is. Following others to get them follow you should be start. Then, with constant posting of new contents and articles (related to your app), should be able to get your channel up and running. Keeping your followers updated and providing them with proper follow-ups on their feedbacks, will improve your credibility greatly. And providing them valuable information during conversations will grant you their respect. All this will boost your channel’s reputation and thus your app’s downloads – which is the goal ultimately.

Google +

Might not be as powerful as the Facebook, but, Google+ has its own perks. Being a product of Google, obviously, you app has higher possibilities of making it to the top of the search results when you get it well established here. Then, Google has the hashtag! Use it wisely to improve your SEO.


Best place to network and meet “those” influential people, who can promote your app, indirectly, as they re-tweet or otherwise. Then there is a twitter’s feature, called the “Twitter Cards”, with which you can smartly promote your app via content marketing.

Following these, should help you off the line with a flying start and then some more. Else, you can always hire a social media marketing company to do these for you.