How to enhance your business using social media?

As there is an increased competition in the market and spread of Internet facilities, it becomes mandatory for business people seek different kinds of media that help them to increase traffic on their websites and grow their business sales.

One of the most effective ways to promote your business online is to harness the power of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. If you want social media to have a positive impact on your bottom line, then you must have a planned approach that is resourceful and consistent.

So, do you know how to use social media to enhance your business? The following tips for using some of the most popular social networking websites help you drive interest and customers to your business.

  • Create a business page on Facebook, and post the offers and special discounts to all the people who like your page.
  • On your Facebook page, post polls to your customers asking them hilarious or quirky questions related to your products or services.
  • Request your customers to share pictures of the products that they bought from your website, on your Facebook page.
  • Expand your marketing efforts on Facebook by allowing subscribers on your personal Facebook page. Subscriptions enable you to send public updates to your subscribers such as vendors, customers or others who view your public posts.
  • Use Twitter to tweet some interesting facts about your products or services, and give a link to that particular page on your website.
  • Provide short tips on how to use your products or services via Twitter.
  • On Twitter, tweet pictures or images related to your products or services to your Twitter followers.
  • Create a YouTube channel, especially for your online business and frequently add interesting and useful videos. Also, encourage your customers to view and share your YouTube videos with others.
  • Encourage your customers to create videos that show how they are using your products or services, and have people vote on their favorite videos.
  • On your YouTube channel, frequently post short videos that demonstrate how to use your products or services.
  • Request your customers to submit video testimonials and post those videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and add links on your website. Also, update that LinkedIn profile with the information about your products or services, so that this information appears to all the people connected to your network.
  • Join the LinkedIn groups, which are popular among your customers, and regularly add comments or questions about your products or services.
  • Request your customers, vendors and other business associates connected to your network to give a recommendation for your products or services in LinkedIn.
  • In the Answers section of LinkedIn, look for the questions that are related to your business and provide answers for them on a regular basis. If your answers are rated highly by other LinkedIn users, you will get the title of Expert for that specific topic.
  • Launch a Google+ profile to make it easy and simple for your customers to find and follow your products or services.
  • Create circles in your Google+ profile, which are set up particularly for your customers, vendors and others who are interested in your brand.
  • Start a Hangout in Google+ to request and get feedback from your customers.