How To Create a Landing Page That Drives Up Conversions?

The website is the primary source of the brand popularity, and now, it has become one of the most trusted ways to know information about every business. And when it comes to ads, the landing pages play a vital role in determining the conversion rates. So, what is a landing page?

Landing Page:

According to Wishpond, “A landing page is a distinct page on your website that’s built for one single conversion objective. In other words, a landing page should be designed, written and developed with one business purpose in mind.” In simple words, a landing page is a web page where users or ad clickers are sent specifically to create conversions. The landing page will not be navigable through the main website, and the navigation is restricted to achieve the maximum goal objective.


Landing pages are categorized into two as follows

  • Click-through landing page: As the name implies, the main scope of this type of landing page is to make a customer click on a link that is directed to another web page. It is ideal for eCommerce businesses.
  • Lead-generation landing page: This type of landing pages are used to capture user data like name and email address that can be used for further marketing.

Don’t break these rules – Rules are meant to be followed:

Rule 1: Home page is not your landing page – don’t send ad traffic to it.
The home page doesn’t have all the necessary and detailed information about your product or services. The chances are high that some of the customers might get missed as they might click and follow some other link. The potential target of the ads is to convert browsers into buyers and not the vice-versa.

Rule 2: The relevancy and the clarity of the page are important:
The world is moving fast, so as your visitors. They don’t have much time to read irrelevant content. If the customers don’t find anything relevant to what they are looking for, they are likely to move to some other website. All you have is only a few seconds to attract your customers/visitors. For perfection, ask the following questions what they have in their mind.

  • Does this page have the information what I am looking?
  • Can I believe the site?
  • How good are they?

Rule 3: Follow the global structure:

Every landing page has a structure that people develop globally. Breaking it might work for some business, but it often results in failure. Follow the structure to achieve the maximum from your landing pages. The structure/features of a landing page are explained below.

Most converting landing pages has these features:

Here is the list of the most important features that every landing pages should have to draw in customers/visitors.

  1. Page title and relevant ad content – Both, the ad title and the body content should complement each other to attract customers.
  2. Clear headlines on the landing page – The landing page headlines should be clear and concise that should compel/impress the visitor to take a closer look.
  3. Proper grammar – Proper language is crucial to gain the trust of the customer. A sloppy grammar or an improper spelling might lose the trust along with the conversion.
  4. Testimonials and other trust indicators – Incorporate testimonials of your clients to gain more confidence and also you can make use of the press mentions, third-party trust certificates and more.
  5. Strong call to action – Call to action is vital as they will look for what to do next after reading the content. Conversion button should stand out. Make sure the button is big, bright and orange or yellow to grab user’s attention.
  6. Clean images and video – Motivational speeches, testimonial videos and mostly the product images engages user attractions.
  7. Crisp and above the fold – Keep all the important elements of the landing page above the fold i.e. the space the visitors sees before scrolling. Also, place the call-to-action button above the fold to get more conversion.

Important things to follow:
Here goes the approach that most of the web designing companies and many freelance web developers follow to create a killer landing page.

  • Create guidelines that meet the requirements.
  • Always optimize the page for organic search.
  • Design an illustration explaining your product or service.
  • Create a ‘how it works’ video to help your customer understand more about your product.
  • Highlight the key information.
  • Explain the feature briefly.

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