How to win clients and influence markets with 2016’s enterprise apps trends?

The business world has started evolving towards a more technical base called as the mobile applications. They have started realizing that this is the appropriate time for them to shift their base apps to the mobile platforms to help support their future of the business. A recent survey states that most of the organizations are tending to develop and deploy more than ten mobile apps for their employees and customers in the next couple of years. The increase in the percentage of sales turnover resulted in the changes happening recently.

Enterprise Applications and the Monkey Year – Relationship:

Gartner says that the old school style of development and marketing is not going to yield the result for a digital enterprise. Mobile apps development has now become the hottest topic in the information technology (IT) industry as the number of mobile phones users are increasing every day, and also, it plays a significant role in every business. To get the advantage, business are forced to adapt to upcoming, modern development trends.

Enterprise App

As Gartner predicts, the demand for enterprise apps development is about to increase five times than that of the company’s capacity to deliver. So, what is going to trend in 2016 on enterprise apps development?

  1. Security will be more important than anything:
    Director of web marketing – SEOPlus+ – Brock Murray said, “I think the biggest web application development trend we’ll see in 2016 is a push toward better security.” Cyber crime is increasing as the technology marches towards a different future. It has become a dangerous threat as the cyber attack levels are way beyond imagination. A recent report stated that nearly 86% of the web applications have vulnerability issues with regards to confidentiality, access control, authentication, etc. 53% in the same are so poor to some of the common attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injection and more. As a result of these happenings, applications especially enterprise web and mobile applications are sure to get the attention concerning security. Security is expected to be a top priority in 2016 as data and information are more important for businesses and individuals.
  2. Microservices will enter the race at full speed:
    The monolithic approach was the best till date for web and mobile apps development. But, now the future is expecting to switch over to a good know and under-rated experience called as microservice. So, what is a microservice? Rather than building all the features of the mobile applications into the core, the app can be united using many smaller services. “The shift to a microservices approach to organizing internal development teams is extending to mobile app development teams,” said the IDC report. Developers have started their journey to the new world with the microservices approach in hand.
  3. Huge bye to the trend called the ‘responsive design’:
    Seriously? Why? Jordan Warzecha, CEO of Backstitch stated, “I think one of the biggest things we will see is responsive design is no longer a “thing” and is just a part of normal web development & design.” The responsive/adaptive design is not going to be a trend anymore, and it is going to be a design (mandatory design feature like other default features of designing). This effect is just because of the increase in the number of mobile phone users and the mindset of people. Responsive design is now a mandatory part of every web design technique.
  4. Hybrid apps adoption will hit the expected heights:
    Consumers and mostly employees like to access their enterprise apps right form their mobile device. Even the web applications have got the expectation of users as they are likely to use the apps mostly on a mobile device. This is why the hybrid apps are now in the spotlight, and also, the world is moving too fast, and the native-app development process is time-consuming. Native app development is now losing the spot as native apps are cost-effective and offers better performance. As a result of the demand, the web apps are more likely to become hybrid that supports mobile devices. The Co-founder of Ovid corp – Lingke Wang said. “One major shift we are seeing in application development is the growing dominance of hybrid mobile apps over native mobile apps.”
  5. DIY mobile platform is the very new trend:
    The demand for mobile applications is increasing rapidly as the mobile market is leveraging heights. Many businesses don’t have a dedicated in-house time to develop mobile applications. What do they do in such case? They hire either a freelance or seek the help of a mobile apps development company. The trend is now moving towards a service called as DIY mobile platform. Using the platform, a company can design and develop their mobile app with ease. The DIY mobile platform is expected to drive much enterprise app development in the coming years. The CEO of NiLi, Dylan Osborn said, “The DIY Platform solution is perfect because it delivers a fully functioning product for a fraction of the time and cost.”

Success at the end only if…
These are the important enterprise application trends of 2016, and there are also many other that are least focused. Staying and implementing the updated and upcoming trends is sure to win trophies in the web and mobile market. If you have something to add, we love to hear it.

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