Do you need a quotation management system? The answers is pretty interesting.

The automation is ruling every industry as it helps in reducing the overall time and also improves the accuracy of the work and data involved. No matter what the industry is, the automation of any process is sure to help the overall business process of the industry. When it comes to sales and finance, the process automation is little complicated, and when automation is done successfully, then it is sure to yield a better result when compared to the manual process. The automation has taken the center stage to revolutionize the process of manually updating every record. The market is now improving every system right from the content management system to the quotation management system.


So, what is a quotation management system?

The important factor affecting the growth of a company or industry is the accuracy and efficiency in handling the sales, management and operations process. Growth is virtually impossible in almost every way when the process doesn’t have the desired efficiency. The real challenge arises when this happens. That’s where the Quotation Management System is sure to help deliver accuracy efficiently. A quotation management system is easy to use the web or mobile application which helps the company or the organization to create, submit and track the invoices and quotations. Many companies consider quotation management as the focal point of sales and sometimes as the bottleneck.

Ok! Why quotation management system then?

In many instances, quotation management system has proved to be the best solutions to handle quotes and payments with accuracy, and this is the reason why these systems are getting the first place when it comes to automation. Many quality management systems identify the most relevant and feasible solutions to automate the quote management process and here are some of the most reliable and valuable services that a quotation management system offers.

  • Quote generation and management with an interactive user interface.
  • Integration with other application for easy and fast sharing of contents and data.
  • Capability to handle billing and shipping information (mostly for commerce industry).
  • A common/central repository for all the quotes.
  • Advanced payment calculation engine with currency conversions.
  • Integrated roles and permission management for multiple users.

The solutions differ with individual systems, and they are never restricted to any single constraint as they are easily customizable according to the user needs.

Good! What else then?

The quotation management system offers various services with outstanding features using which you can easily structure your quotes and invoices. This system is ideal for almost every industry starting from travel to healthcare, from construction to IT services, from shopping to automobile and more. Using quotation management system is sure to help your business benefit from it and here are some of the proven reason to say so.

  • The conversion rate increased as it turned open quotes into contracts.
  • Forecasting a business model went onto the center stage after deploying quotation management system.
  • Many companies from customized web application company to eCommerce stores reported that they have gained a lot after deployment.
  • Reporting system helped to plan for future business.
  • The turnaround time was reduced from day to minutes.
  • Categorization helps to learn more about customer’s business.

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