Custom Mobile Website!

Online Web surfing is becoming increasingly popular, however, studies have shown that 50 percent of Smartphone users leave the website if the page does not load within 5 seconds and three of five users will not return to the website. Hiring an industry-leading mobile Web technology platform provider will help you create a top-of-the-line mobile website that draws traffic and drives sales.

Seventy-five percent of Smartphone users access their email or link to online content on their phones daily. This is one of the main ways Smartphone users are directed to website content or mobile deals – their inbox. Emails have one chance to make an impression before being opened or deleted.

A catchy or insightful headline will entice the occasional visitor, but delivering a mobile optimized email on a daily basis highlighting the latest news in your industry or the daily deals for your company is a great way to make consumers want to be part of your email list as they will look forward to seeing it daily, but the effort to run the show might even required to be continued after the completion and handover of the application which is commonly known as the maintenance phase.

K2B Solutions offers the business intelligence and technical expertise required for each of these phases of application right from the experienced business analysts, and not limited with the technical intelligence to frame it to a solution, but to the continuous support towards the smooth functioning of the business as per the contract with complete dedication and expertise.

Our expert team will do all the hard work and knowledge sharing to accomplish various levels of web application development. We are experienced professionals to develop complete solution with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We can provide the most desirable, trustworthy, innovative web application for your business. We specially take care for customized web application development, which I required for your precious business requirements. We deliver rich internet applications combining the technological expertise, latest trends and our solid cross-vertical experience. This is easier said than done.

So your website needs to be able to cater to this segment, otherwise, you lose out on significant web traffic and potential customers. I don’t think there is much of a choice really. In the coming years K2B Solutions would become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

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