Create Facebook apps for your company and increase the brand image

Facebook marketing is a great, easy and affordable way marketing opportunity that helps you to promote your business. It is a huge business and recently there have been enormous changes occurring in the way Facebook pages for businesses are handled.

You can increase your brand image by having a Facebook page specially created for your business, and enhance it by adding few good Facebook apps. These Facebook apps will engage your customers and generate traffic to help you achieve your social media marketing objectives effortlessly.

So, are you having a Facebook page that works for your business? Have you ever considered using Facebook apps to enhance your business?

In this article, let’s have look at the most popular Facebook apps, the different ways to use the Facebook apps, and how the Facebook apps generally work on your Facebook page.

Using apps is the best way for a business to create a Facebook page that makes the best impression on new page visitors. They enable you to do all sorts of things on your Facebook Page without scripting your own code.

Some most famous Facebook apps that enhance your brand’s Facebook page are Heyo, North Social, Pagemodo, ShortStack, Static HTML – Thunderpenny, TabFoundry, TabSite, Woobox, Aweber Web form Tool, YouTube for Pages, Networked Blogs, Sweepstakes, etc.

There are many ways you can use the Facebook apps for enhancing your business:

  • Integrate other social media channels
  • Publish your blog to Facebook
  • Run contests and promotions
  • Add email subscribers
  • Enable e-commerce
  • Provide customer support

You have so many easy ways to get off the fence on app creation and move towards the direction where the social web has already headed. If you don’t have a Facebook app, then definitely you will be disappearing in the competitive online marketplace.

Before you get started, let’s analysis how Facebook apps pages work.

Facebook apps or custom tabs on Facebook are manually installed on your Facebook page. You can show up all those apps underneath the cover photo. Suppose, if your Facebook page has more than four custom tabs, then your user must click the down arrow on the right side of the tab cover photos to reveal all the apps.

Generally, every Facebook page consists of four standard Facebook apps. They are Photos, Events, Videos and Likes. Other apps are basically created by a third-party developer, not by Facebook. Most apps are designed on the app website and later installed on the Facebook page.

At a time, you can install up to eleven Facebook apps on your Facebook page. But, only four apps are visible in the thumbnail images directly under the cover photo. While Photos always appears as the first app, you can choose which apps must be displayed in the remaining three spots.

Some users may not have any idea about how to reveal all the apps. Hence, make sure that you include your most important Facebook apps in the top row of visibility. This is very important to be remembered when choosing the apps that must be displayed under the cover photo.

On the other hand, when running contests, promotions or more distinct marketing campaigns, it can be consoling to know that you are working with a preferred marketing developer. They ensure that you are complying with all the guidelines of Facebook, and get the most out of the platform.

If you want to get more out of your Facebook page, you must provide more convenience to your fans. Suppose if you want to have multiple tabs or apps on your Facebook page, it is recommended for you to look at the professional companies, which provide a suite of apps to determine what meets your requirements and fits your budget.