Create an Online Store using CS-Cart

Technology improvisation makes people smarter and showers heaps and heaps of benefits to the users. To top as a victorious online store, it should be capable of managing an infinite number of categories and unlimited products to gain quality response from the end users. These user-friendly websites can be utilized by the users even without any technical knowledge. The virtual interface and the exclusive features of these stores dig out the shopping needs of the people and enchant them completely.

E-commerce, a booming industry in today’s market has a lot of scope and this is mostly preferred by most of the marketers to promote their sales to a higher level. Creating an eCommerce site to attain a great reach in the bazaar without the help of the developers is possible nowadays. If you’re in search of a classy and stylish shopping cart for your start-ups to meet up all your needs, then CS-Cart will be the right choice for you!!!

What is CS-Cart?

Cs Cart is one of the most excellent shopping cart solutions to design an online store despite the size of the business. This amazing tool helps to administer your online store wherever you’re. Sustain your customized online eCommerce website on your own server to manage your business with maximum comfort.

Why CS-Cart?

CS Cart is available in three standalone editions:

  • Professional
  • Ultimate
  • Multi-vendor

This is the reason why, this tool suits all the businesses of any size. This can be used for a new standalone project or it can affix more functionality features to the existing one.

Create an Online Store using CS-Cart

If you wanna start up a business and develop a website on your own? Don’t be worried that you’re not aware of the HTML and CSS codes which are the basics for creating a websites. Your creativity is quite enough to create an online store using CS-Cart.

Follow the below instructions to craft your own desired website to augment your business:

Installation & Setup

  • Create an account in CS-Cart Customer Help Desk system. Place an order for CS-Cart license. Then download the software in your system.
  • Register a domain name with the affordable CS-Cart hosting packages.
  • To offer a safer environment to all the customers, get an SSL certificate installed on the server.
  • Then install CS-Cart software on your server.
  • Give your entire company address which is given to calculate shipping costs.
  • Then, list out all the languages in which the site will be available.
  • Quote the prices to be displayed and the payment methods to be accepted.
  • Give the mode of shipping methods.
  • Create and set up taxes applicable and the necessary terms and conditions.
  • Set up all general settings like minimum order amount, weight symbol, one-page checkout, extended search, etc.
  • Once the installation and setup was over, you can add the products manually or import the whole product database in CSV format.

Home Design

  • Pick the captivating design from a list of design themes available.
  • Provide the essential information like title of the page, welcome message and meta-information in the home page.
  • Pop in your own logo. Then in CS-Cart admin panel, change the default language to date and time format.
  • CS-Cart default functionality has to be changed, if your company has some special features. This can be done easily if a person is well-versed in Smarty Templates, MYSQL, and PHP.


  • This part is only to attract the customers towards your business. You can do so by adding additional and striking features like reward points, gift coupons, promotions, etc.
  • Use a resourceful and innovative content management system (CMS). This helps to store large number of products classified under various categories and this in turn, promotes your business by attracting many customers to your store.
  • Different information pages like featured products, related products, bestsellers, listing as per price, listing as per category can be used to group the products in a structured way.
  • Then focus on the target audience by advertising your site on the social media.

Kick start your own dream business and bring all your imaginations into existence in the form of an online store with all your creativity!!!