Concrete5 – an onboard open source content management system

Concrete5-LogoContent Management System (CMS) is something that most of the websites seek. It helps managing, organizing, collecting and publishing information in any a digital form when accessed from computers or in any form or medium. The most commonly used Content Management system is WordPress, which is an open source. Now, a unique and stable CMS “Concrete5” is used across many mediums or forms.

What exactly is Concrete5?

As an open source content management system (CMS), Concrete5 is used to publish content over the intranets and World Wide Web (WWW). As per their website, Concrete5 is “In-context editing for your clients. A flexible framework for your developers.” It allows you to create websites without any hassle and exceptionally easy.

What Concrete5 does?

Concrete5 not only allows you create an exceptional website but also provides budget friendly hosting services and also a program that focuses on agency to help concentrate more on one’s interest. When you compare Concrete5 with other open source content management system (CMS), there will be no other CMS which does both i.e. build and run websites. One can easily move around without any restrictions and also it does not have any limitations that make this open source a very useful one among other Content Management System (CMS).

What people say about Concrete5?

Concrete5 stable version was released in May 2015 and received recognition from developers and website owners across the globe. Lucas Anderson, a leading web developer, and digital marketer said,

“Ultimately, the end user loves the interface and the ease of use. You’ll love that it saves you money and time! ”

John Smart from said concrete5 is not just code; it’s an art. He explained, “It never ceases to amaze and impress me – what you have done is not code, it’s art.”

Concrete5 helps you build anything:
As said earlier, Concrete5 never restricts. It allows you build anything and of any kind. The following are some samples that Concrete5 allows build

  • eCommerce sites.
  • Online magazines and newspapers.
  • Extranets and Intranets.
  • Small business website and government websites
  • NGO and Non-profit organization websites.
  • Marketing focused sites for a corporation.
  • Community-based portals.
  • Education website (schools, colleges and universities)

Concrete5 is free and open source (FOSS). They have said the there will be no enterprise edition and forever Concrete5 will be free under the MIT Software license.