Comparing CMS Applications: DotNetNuke vs. Joomla vs. Kentico vs. WordPress

DotNetNuke, Joomla, Kentico and WordPress are the most popular Content Management Systems or CMS Applications used all over the world to power websites. However, even though each CMS has its advantages and shortcomings, you can build your own website of any kind. Let us now compare the features and other information about all the four Content Management Systems.

  DotNetNuke Joomla Kentico  WordPress
CMS Release Date February 2009 August 2005 September 2004 May 2003
Started by Walker’s company Forked  from Mambo Petr Palas Matt Mullenwegg and Mike Little
Company DotNetNuke Corp. The Joomla Project Kentico Software WordPress
Framework .NET PHP .NET PHP
Application Server Windows Windows, Linux Windows Windows, Linux
Licensing Model Open Source Open Source Pay Per Domain Open Source
Base Cost N/A Free Affordable Cost Free
Implementation Cost N/A Costly Free Costly
Usability Less Comparatively Less High High
No. of websites powered >7,50,000 >500,000,000 >10 million >10 million
Downloads >8 million >30 million >1 million >140 million
Top sites using the platform EricksonTribune, Magenic, SkyeTek Harvard University, The Hill BendixKing, RAC, Brantano Forbes, CNN, Sony
Free Themes  1,315+ 900+ 1000+ 2000+
Free Plug-ins 12,780+ 7000+ 10000+ 27000+
Best used for Commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, online publishing portals, and custom vertical applications e-commerce, social networking sites e-commerce, intranet, social networking, online marketing Blogs, corporate websites, small-medium sized websites