Build User Friendly Page Layouts On Joomla

Joomla a comprehensive management system that best fits most of the development companies as well as individuals. Though Joomla has lost its market after the arrival of WordPress and Drupal, it is well known for its flexibility, open source and huge community.
The new arrival of the other web development resources, have ruined the market of Joomla. Hence, to bring back the value of the management system into existence, tools were used to make it a better experience for the users.

Now it is possible even for non-technical users who wish to manage their content management system. But HOW?

Yes, the all new SP Page Builder has made the working experience with Joomla a great platform. It is possible for anyone to take over SP page builder and bring Joomla under control.

What Makes SP Page Builder So Special?

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design:

Building any new website with SP builder is responsive and friendly. There is no specific code to turn pages responsive. Once you create a page with SP page builder it becomes completely responsive and mobile friendly automatically. It is by default.

The SP page builder makes it all together in one package. Which new users get excited about the custom performance? This also initiates saving money and time that ends up creating a new website.

  • Create Complex Column Structures:

Before you could proceed with building the complex structure, you should try to understand the professionalism that has to be handled in managing websites. The SP page builder is good at building any kind of page layout that you desire. The layout tools in it provides the strength to develop complex and simple things that you wish. You can build your own templates or create templates on different locations.

Now it is easy to manage rows and columns with layout elements. There are possible ways to take complete control over all aspects which includes margin, padding and gutter spacing.

In case if you are about to develop your ideas, you can prefer to disable any row or add-on. This allows to carry on your work with things on the back end.

  • 1 Click for Duplication:

The copy and paste functionality of the SP page builder can help instantly develop complex layouts on re-using the existing rows and columns and even the add-on setup. Get your add-ons easily copy pasted to your desired location.

  • Boundless Nested Rows:

With settled line include on SP page developer, it is easy to embed pushes on existing lines or segments to build up an unpredictable page design and show content plainly in your own coveted way. Also provides a huge freedom for developers and makes sure to provide a better UX for the users.

  • Polyglot Support:

SP page builder offers 100% liberty over languages. No matter what language you use on your site, the page builder is capable to work natively. Now it is possible to reach your international audience with their local language without any obstacle.

  • Export and Import Page:

Wish to use a previous created page layout with the existing created page. Now you could make use of the export and import option to easily export your page layout to an existing page frame. This helps you to create page layouts within short span of time.

  • Customized CSS In Pages:

The tools that are available on SP page builder are creative tools that can help user build any type of website layout and structure without coding. On the other the tool offers more personalized look on adding custom CSS to the page element.

  • Develop Expert Joomla Articles:

The SP page builder supports native Joomla articles. The tools create and radical functionality in version 2.0 which provides the wonderful features to beautify and handle Joomla article professionally with the help of SP page builder.

  • Turn Out To Be Smart With SP Page Builder:

Why do you wait still? Get started to build your Joomla websites professionally with the influence of SP page builder. Now you can save on time and money allowing your website look better than ever.

Final Prediction:

With all of the functionalities now design your best Joomla content management system, with best page layout and advanced functionalities. Do you find it still difficult in building your own? There are many web development companies to help you with content management system. Find one among them like a boss and start experiencing the best content management system.