At Last, The Secret To Design a Trending Website Is Revealed

All time hottest schema to revolve around the technology would be web designing and development. Yes, the web design industry is completely busy all round the year as they prepare something new for the future days. Appealing designs, creative and easy navigation, attractive features, and what else a website owns? Almost everything to make the business succeed in the online market with the desired reputations. Unfortunately, the industry is not so open (in means of work) as many hidden secrets drive the fact of designing a trendy website.

Web Design Trends

Trends that are sure to surprise 2016:

Websites are the #1 source for gathering information about the business, and the online presence of every business is determined with the help of the website rank and the search engine results page (SERP).

Here some success stories that influenced the web design industry in 2015.

  • The card design was a new trend to move around.
  • The material design got the required attention.
  • Hamburger menu influenced clean design.
  • Fonts played a vital role.
  • These web designing trends that went viral in 2015 are expected to continue its success story in 2016 too.

New trends of 2016:

The following are few concepts that are supposed to hit web design with a tornado.

  1. UI Pattern:
    Long scrolls will start its effectiveness as many users are attracted to websites that narrate a story (storytelling websites). This pattern is expected to be a huge hit in 2016, thanks to the increase in the number of mobile phone and mobile internet users. Another UI pattern is the hero images concept as the high-definition (HD) images attracts user’s attention in the fastest available possibility.
  2. Animations:
    Rich animations are the best way to attract users as it gives an appealing look to the overall look of the website. Animation increases the interactions with the users along with making the web experience more entertaining. Some of the most used animations are as follows

    • Menu and navigation
    • Loading
    • Slideshows
    • Scrolling
    • Background or banner videos
  3. Minimalist design:
    Less is neat and often more. The fewer objects you have on your website, the websites looks neat and clean and more user-friendly. Minimalist design often wins hearts and loads speed as they use lesser bandwidth compared with that of a website using many graphics.

The secrets for designing a trendy website:

Website industry is a complicated industry when compared with any other industry as it needs to stay updated to win the hearts of people and clients. To design a modern website, it takes a huge time to capture the concepts of designing it. Here are some of the hidden secrets of designing a trendy website in 2016 that an award-winning web development company or even a trustworthy freelance web developer will never reveal.

  1. Mobile first and the rest next:
    A recent analysis in 2015 about internet usage stated that nearly 78% of the website views are happening outside the desktops and laptops i.e. web searches and views happen in a mobile device like Smartphone, tablets, Smart watches, etc. So, now we are in a stage where we should stop considering design for mobile devices rather we should start designing for them first. This will be very tricky to explain to the clients who only think about desktops and laptops. The 78% is never going to go down as the number of smart devices users continue to increase day after day.
  2. Being in trend never matters. Going ahead of them matters:
    Be a proactive gamer than that of a reactive gamer in the web designing game world. Here are few things to do to design a website that is ahead of the recent trends.

    • Following influential design outlets like The Best Designs, Site Inspire and Awwwards makes an enormous difference to your designs as these people list websites that are ahead of the recent trends. The trends they follow will be a responsible trend in the future.
    • Follow the past and the recent trends to discover the trends of future over time.
  3. Content is king but not the word-vomit style:
    We know that the content marketing is ramping up in the digital marketing race, and also, it got a name in the called which spelled as ‘content is king.’ Many accidentally misinterpreted it as a “lot of words.” So, what it means? It doesn’t mean you have to write a lot of content to win, but it means a minimalist and sharp content with fewer words can even win. Since the people are getting more sophisticated and they often get irritated when they come across a website with huge and wordy content rather than that of content with graphical representation.
  4. Tell a story through design:
    You might wonder how it becomes a secret when this face is very apparent as everyone might have come across it. A website with good storytelling has won the hearts of many people as it promises interactions with the web viewer. Storytelling is not only telling the history of the company or organization. The real secret lies in finding a better way to narrate a story that engages the audience. The following things have been kept secret when narrating a story through your design. Follow it to engage the users effectively.

    • Relate the story directly to your audience
    • Makes sure your stories makes a better living for your target audience
  5. You are not done when the site is live:
    Things are not done when the website is live. It is often considered as another step in the journey and not the end of the website journey. Post-live there are plenty of things to do to keep your website trendy and also to optimize your website presence. Here are some ideas for us to follow the post-live session of your website.

    • Always search and find the way to keep your content trendy and neat.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are more important to keep your website ahead of every competition.
    • Play with your website analytics and create active interactions.

Now, the secrets are out. What next?

Always remember the last point that your site is not completed when it goes live. It is just another step in the web designing and development process. The trendy website out there in the world wide web (WWW) still have room for updates and improvements. We know that same, and now we have let you know the same. Stay with the reality and user ability to be in the line of trendy websites.