All You Should Know About Modern Day Web Development Methodologies

In this ever-changing online world, the modern websites incredibly reflect the trends of web development industry. The internet technology has also changed due to the rapid changes in all the domains across the globe. In these days, people are expecting something novel and inventive web designs for their websites.

The following are some of the latest trends in web development:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Flat UI design
  • Parallax web design
  • Full screen photo launch page
  • Advanced navigation and page scrolling

Responsive Web Design:

Nowadays, websites are designed in such a way that users can able to access the websites from any of their devices, no matter the size of the screens, orientation and the platform they use. If websites are designed to be responsive, then this web design is generally called as Responsive Web Designs or RWD.

Due to the arrival of modern mobile phones and smartphones, responsive web design has become more prominent and imperative in the web development field. Generally, a responsive web design automatically rescales a website based on the dimension of the screen being used by the users to view the website and provides a great viewing experience for them.

Flat UI design:

In previous days, web designers were engaged only on doing animations, flash designs and so on. But now, the trend has changed and the web designers have started concentrating on flat user interface design. The flat user interface design is a two-dimensional web design, which is flat and contains no three-dimensional realism.

Actually, this technology was implemented by Microsoft in its interface. And it is the first one that is against the skeuomorphic design. Unlike three-dimensional design, the flat user interface design doesn’t contain any bevel effects, shadows, and other gradients. But, it has some distinguishing characteristics like flat illustrations, open spaces, sharp boundaries, vivid colors and many more.

Parallax web design:

Parallax web design is a renowned technique and it is now the most modern trend in web development because this technique provides an incident of interactive screens. Parallax web design is similar to interactive storytelling. This scrolling technology enables various figures migrating at various speeds and the dimensions of the pictures are assorted based on the screen size or on the situation.

Parallax web design technology also enables pictures or characters at the different velocity, hence it augments the intensity of the images and furthermore it provides experiences like animations. Moreover, this technology allows users to view more than one web page by using a single window.

Full screen photo launch page:

The screen photo launch page technology is mainly used to convey a message on a website effectively. Web designers generally use this technology to convey the message in a poignant way as well as in a promotional approach to grab the attention of users instantaneously. Thus, this helps you to transform your website users into another world of creative activity.

Advanced navigation and page scrolling:

By using the advanced navigation and page scrolling web design, you can able to integrate navigation panels in your website. These navigational panels are very interactive and thus provide an effectual means of navigation to the website users.

There are some extraordinary web development technologies accessible for the web developers to attain the aforementioned web design methodologies. The technologies that can be utilized to create cutting-edge websites are CSS3, Html 5, JQuery, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

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