Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015 – What happened in the past and what’s going to happen in the future?

Development community and many people know that the Google I/O 2015 and Apple Inc. WWDC 2015 happened last month, and there were many important features announced and launched by the tech giants. Those announcements were a game-changing one, and there will be many improvements to spice up our daily mobile activities.

Another most important conference that will be considered in the top list is the ‘Adobe ColdFusion Summit’. Every developer will now focus on the ColdFusion Summit as it has been developers paradise and a tuition to learn many things.

What is Adobe ColdFusion?

It is pretty old but still in the top best web application development platforms. Yes. Adobe ColdFusion is a complete web app development platform that allows connecting simple HTML pages to the respective databases (initially). Later, it became an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop web applications.

Why should you be there at ColdFusion Summit?

Adobe ColdFusion Summit in one important conference of Adobe that happens every year. One might have a question, “Why should I attend this summit? And what will I benefit from it?”. There are a bunch of things that will teach you and make you benefit from.

  • During summit, you can meet many sponsors and partners who have been the backbone of ColdFusion
  • You will get a chance to meet many co-developers, and you can even learn from the or teach them. Adobe ColdFusion Summit helps you interact with many other masters.
  • It also helps you in gaining knowledge and also leads some way to make you productive and target focused.
  • Collaborating with many other is possible in Adobe Summit. Exchange your innovative ideas that lead your business and you will have the vice versa.
  • You will gain a great chance to interact with the core Adobe team that is hard to make in general.
  • Have fun to the core.

What happened last year?

The highlights of last year (2014) Summit is displayed below as a short video.

What is expected to happen in this year’s (2015) Adobe ColdFusion Summit?

As per the news from Adobe, the following are the list of sessions that has been planned to happen.

  • Adobe is implementing CFML features that are sure to deliver modern coding.
  • ColdFusion Builder 3 & The Missing Plugins
  • MVC With and Without a Framework
  • Expand Your ColdFusion App Power with Amazon Web Services
  • Mobile Apps Made Easy with ColdFusion 11
  • Locking Down your ColdFusion Server
  • Real-time with Websockets

When and where is this happening?

Adobe ColdFusion 2015 is scheduled to happen on November 9 – 10, 2015 at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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