#5 Important Web Design Flaws that you need to look at!!!

Web designs are the most powerful attribute that attract viewers towards the site. At the same time, it is the one that affects website ranking on search engines.

You need to concentrate on both looks as well as functionalities of the web designs.

Let us study some of the common flaws that we make. And find some tools to analyze web designs that kill your conversion rate.

#5 Common Web Design Mistakes That Bother SEO:


Flaw #1 – Firing H1 Tag In The Home Page:

Have you come across web sites that has great design structure? Yet, you weren’t able to find them listing on Google’s Search Engine! This is because there is a flaw which web designers do in common. There is always a strategy that is followed by Google crawlers, which most web designers fail to do.

As designers are too busy getting their master piece worked out, they fail to add an essential thing in it.

H1 tag is the most important element which search engine crawlers look for.

In spite of all decorative ingredients added to your site, H1 tag with the target keyword in it pays them all.

Make sure that your website is designed with all the aspects that Google crawler expects. You could check out the ranking position of your website in the search engine once you design your website as per the requirement. There could be nothing worth than an H1 tag in a website.

Flaw #2 – Popups:

The worst thing that most readers get irritated while their important research.


Google has announced websites to avoid using irrelevant pop ups or ads. Thus, it is more concerned about user experience. Pop ups that often appear on the screen before the user could take access over the main content impact on UX and SEO.

Flaw #3 – Huge Media Files:

It is obvious that good looking websites impress visitors. It is good to have impressive web sites, at the same time huge media files could impact website speed.

Before you could proceed with bringing the page live, you need to check with the Google insights test. In case if the insight detects that your page is too slow, try to remove large media files.

You need to optimize your web page and get it effective in speed. This is important because Google honors pages that load quickly. So, it is good to avoid huge media files.

Flaw #4 – Limitless Scrolls:

Scrolls are one among the important aspects that impact SEO. People do not love to stay on pages that have too many scrolls. It is so true that informative pages are worth while. But that doesn’t mean pages should have many scrolls.

You can make your information or your content short and crispy. As Google crawls on the first 10 recent posts in spite of your 100 pages. Hence, it is good to make content concise for your viewers. Google webmaster tool helps you with it.

Make use of the tool to analyze the pagination of your website. There is a possibility to make your long content to be search friendly.

Flaw #5 – Thin Content:

The most valueless thing that could affect SEO is the thin content. Slimming your content under no cause could have an effect on the page.

Some of the important pages of the website are the product and services page. You need to be very careful in caring the quality information in the page. In case, if you are going to attempt anything that is of quality, then that affects the page.

Have noticed some web sites that skip these pages completely. This should be completely avoided. Make sure that you provide quality content to make your page worth the search engine results.

Are you performing these flaws in your earlier website designs? This is the right chance to get rid of your flaws and make your website rank the highest among the searches.

Let your website turn to be search friendly and the highest trafficking sites ever!