5 Fascinating Facts About Meteor JavaScript That Can Help Your Business Grow

Nowadays, every new technical announcement is getting notified by the tech geeks and entrepreneurs. Every new language launched is recognized by the tech experts and programmers around the world as somehow or the other, the language might help some programmer. The thing that everyone needs to understand is that there is no all-in-one solution for a task, or some solutions might not work everywhere. One such framework that deserves the spot to be on the top of the upcoming JS framework is Meteor.

Meteor JS

Meteor? A shooting star?

Yes to the general audience. But for the programmers and tech savvies, the story is entirely different. Meteor is an open-source JavaScript framework that was constructed/written using Node JavaScript. It is mainly used for prototyping and also for producing cross-platform codes.

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How is Meteor different from other frameworks?

Meteor has got the attention of many JavaScript developers in recent times. This is because of the following reasons

  • It helps develop the realtime app from the scratch.
  • The deployment is simple and straightforward.
  • When you make few changes to the code, you don’t have to refresh the page to see the changes. They are directly reflected whenever a change is made to the code.
  • The application structure is very flexible.

Want to know the fascinating facts about Meteor JavaScript?

Here is it! The six most important facts about Meteor JavaScript. Not only six but there are many. But, we consider these as the most significant and fascinating facts about the still-young JavaScript.

  1. Realtime by default – You will love it:
    Recently, Facebook and Twitter have moved to a real-time web environment as a result of which – in mere future – it is evitable that users will start expecting real-time web applications. But, the problem is in building real-time web applications as the process is quite tricky. Now – with Meteor – everything is possible as the framework supports real-time built.
  2. Smart Packages that saves time – You will taste it:
    Meteor come with Smart packages. Smart packages? Built-in commands/packages that can be invoked instantly to help save time and effort. Meteor’s smart packages allow you to do some astonishing tasks like writing CoffeeScript applications, Auto-compiling LESS files into CSS and integrating D3.js, Bootstrap and others.
  3. One language for all – You will mesmerize it:
    Everything becomes easy with Meteor as it allows users to build and manage front-end, back-end and the database with just the JavaScript. Another advantage of writing the entire program in one language is the application code can run on both the client and the server.
  4. Community to rescue – You will never want to miss it:
    Meteor might be a baby, but the fan base in enormous and is increasing day by day. The community is very friendly, and there are many to help you with anything they can. Since the community I active, the documentations are perfect, and the technology won’t get a hit in the near future.
  5. Ahead of times – You will use it forever:
    As said earlier, the web is moving towards a real-time environment. This doesn’t happen when the bigger companies with bigger budgets do so but happens only when the information is available to the small teams and individual developers. Here is the part of the mission statement of the Meteor team “…to build a new platform for cloud applications that will become as ubiquitous as previous platforms such as Unix, HTTP, and the relational database.”

Then, why wait?

Meteor is still young and growing. But, you can purely depend on it as many big players have started using it. The future of Meteor is bright and is building up big and better. Have some words to add? Feel free to comment here.

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