3 Reasons Why Shopping Cart Custom Domains Will Mean the End of Your Web Analytics Problems

After auditing much Google Analytics usage on online shopping websites, it has become evident that more than 90% of Google Analytics that tracks the website traffic of third-party shopping carts winds up with many problems and mistakes.

Why is it so difficult to track perfectly working third-party shopping carts? This is absolutely due to the technology. Google Analytics generally tracks website visitors by using cookies that can only be accessed by the domain i.e. your website on which Google Analytics is installed.

The point when a website visitor heads off from your shopping website to a third-party shopping cart, the visitor basically gets to another domain that cannot be able to read the cookies from the domain of your website.

Having all your sales pointed by your shopping website decidedly doesn’t assist you in your advertising enterprises. That is where Avangate Analytics Minibible V3.0 comes into assistance you grasp the true investigation behind your online deals.

Pointed at software pitching sites, the Avangate Analytics Minibible V3.0 is a clear aid that demonstrates you how to be in control of Google Analytics for high performance research of your website users.

Why do you need Custom Domains? Shopping cart custom domains imply that the third party shopping cart platform, for our situation Avangate, will load from a subdomain of your shopping website.

So, the subdomain accesses the cookies of its mother domain and hence Google Analytics can track a user from your shopping website and realize that is the same one.

Are you still not convinced that you need a custom domain? Here are the three reasons why shopping cart custom domains will mean the end of your web analytics problems:

Precise sales referrers: If you use shopping cart custom domains on your website, then the e-commerce tracking feature in Google Analytics works properly and impeccably. This helps you to track website visitors from all referrers that include referring websites, direct visits, social networks and search engines.

Not only this, the flawless working of this e-commerce tracking feature also displays pay-per-click networks, business promotions, email marketing and digital collateral such as different links within PDF files.

You obtain to make conversion funnels that begin on your website: When it comes to converting visitors, conversion funnels provide you a clear and understandable image that represents what happens in your shopping cart.

Generally, where do your website visitors drop off? To get a correct answer for this question, you need to start and do research on the why factor. After getting the answer, then start acting on it. This will help you to get more revenue at the end of each and every month.

While tracking the visitors, if Google Analytics doesn’t find any same website visitor as being two different ones, then it can make precise conversion funnels that begin with your shopping website and complete on the shopping cart.

Recognize the number of days over from first visit to buy: By using Google Analytics, you will have the capacity to fine-tune not just your advertising crusade but also the timing i.e. when to display them.

This helps you to convert many website visitors to purchasers. Once more, with Custom Domain accomplished for your shopping cart, you will have access to the accompanying report with precise information, out of the crate.

Are you selling software and trying to improve your online sales?

Having the right Google Analytics execution will permit you to enhance your business depending upon information that you can trust. That is the reason why we have started the Analytics miniBible for Software merchants.

The Custom Domain execution is only a minor division of what you will find in the e-book which is presently at its 3rd release. Following unfinished installments, shopping cart lapses, conduct of trial website visitors, transformations and everything else are explained in the e-book.

If you are a software selling vendor and you need to enhance your business, tracking the activities of your website is an unquestionable requirement. Goes without platitude that you need to always test your shopping cart transformation and screen your information to develop your concert with Analytics. However no concerns, the Analytics MiniBible for Software Vendors are entirely free and are here to offer assistance.